Hemorrhoids Home Treatment Recipes

On a cotton pad put a little hot paste of turmeric powder and mustard oil, apply every 2 hours, keeping for at least 3o minutes. The hot pad must be applied every 2 hours.

You can re-use the same pad, microwave it for 8-10 sec or till its hot. This remedy is a 100% natural cure and people swear by it’s effectiveness.

In addition to the recipe provided in the video, other natural treatments are as follows…

1. Eat raw carrots or drink carrot juice.  A great juice recipe is 3 parts carrots and 1 part spinach mixed in a blender.

2.  Another recipe is to blend 1 cup of sweet mango juice with 25 grams of curd and 1 teaspoon ginger-juice and drink it.

3.  Eat uncooked radish or make radish shake. Blend one cup of radish juice with 1 teaspoon of clarified butter, to be taken twice a day. This remedy is great for bleeding hemorroids.

4.  Another radish recipe is to slice a white radish into wee pieces, add some salt and leave it overnight. Eat these radish slices first thing in the morning and after you have gone to the washroom to discharge your stool, wash the anus with radish water.

5.  Take one big lemon, cut in half and squeeze 1/2 lemon into a cup of hot milk and drink immediately.

6.  Grind dried gooseberries into powder (found here), mix a teaspoon of it with buttermilk and take both once in the morning and evening.

For more serious cases of hemorrhoids, visit the H-Miracle website and get the entire treatment program with many more natural remedies like this one.

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Piles Diet for Getting Rid of Hemorrhoids

Foods to avoid with hemorrhoids

1. All types of milk products (milk,curd,buttermilk,coffee,tea,ice-cream…)

2. All types of sweets made of sugar (specially refined sugar)

3. Also try to avoid really sweet fruits

4.  Avoid any type of alcoholic beverage (i.e. liquors, beer, wine)

5. Soyamilk and coconut milk

6. And most importantly, pharmaceutical drugs, as they cause more harm than anything else.


Hemorrhoid Foods to Eat

Foods with fiber, as mentioned in other posts on this site, are the most effective in treating internal and external hemorrhoids.

You can eat rice (brown) and and quinoa (Amazon has a great brand, check it out here). You should also eat oranges, seeded grapes, green and yellow apples.

Drink plenty of water. A great natural beverage that is part of the hemorrhoids home remedies

1. Take 30 coriander leaves,  20 mint leaves,  7 spinach leaves,  3 betel leaves, 10 gms of ginger and 15 gm of bitter-gourd (unfiltered)

2. Add them into a blender with a glass of distilled water and blend

To be honest, this is not going to be a great tasting “juice”, but what would you rather have, a yucky smoothie or a painful rectum that burns like hell..?

Follow the above mentioned recipe and instructions for at least 2 weeks.

If you need more information on foods that prevent constipation, or want to know how to stop bleeding hemorrhoids, then check out the H-Miracle program, a complete internal hemorrhoids treatment system.


Natural Hemorrhoid Cure

Remedies for Piles or Hemorrhoids

This is quite a powerful and fairly instant remedy that we recently found, that helps rid of hemorrhoids in the shortest time possible.

There is a video and many positive comments from folks who have applied this hemorrhoids treatment.  There is no point in spending hundreds of dollars on creams, pills, suppositories, and ointments that only address the symptoms and not the root cause.

cures hemorrhoids

Please check out the video and see what the medical experts say.

Natural Hemorrhoid Cure

How to Stop Hemorrhoids From Itching

treatment external hemorrhoidsHemorrhoids… they are painful, unpleasant and extremely irritating.  Besides being a cause for a major problem such as bleeding, the most bothersome side-effect you must live with is itching.

Although treating hemorrhoids does take some time, some of its symptoms can be done away with in a short period of time.  I will show you how to stop hemorrhoids from itching (or at least lessen the severity of the itch).

For starters, here are few things you can do…

Don’t let the area be dry

One of the major reasons for the nasty hemorrhoid itching is dryness in “that” area.  Now, there are many reason for your bottom to get dry, and some of them are a direct result of excess mucus or “cleansers” that are rough.

For example, internal hemorrhoid can cause excess mucus to be produced, and this mucus goes out the anus and removes moisture from the affected area, therefore cause itchiness.  In addition, most of the soaps we use contains Sodium Hydroxide, also known as Caustic Soda, a chemical that causes your skin to lose water.  So to start, it would help to stop using soaps that contain this chemical .

Keep the area clean

This may sound like common sense but this is vital!  The most simple way to treat itching is to keep your “anal zone” free from rubbish (fecal scrapings for example).

Here’s what you can do; Fill your bathtub with warm water, add some DREFT baby detergent and soak in it.  You don’t have to take a full-bath, just soak in the warm water (you can substitute Deft detergent with the some of the herbs mentioned in the previous article).

Stop scratching your area

Again, it sounds simple and rational, but most people do not adhere to the “no scratch” rule.  It is a natural reaction to scratch an itchy area of the skin and it my even bring some initial relief, but you have to know that your rectal area is already inflamed and if you scratch it, it’ll be even more irritated.

The right diet for treating hemorrhoids

This method of treating hemorrhoids is called “conservative therapy” and has been extremely beneficial for patients who have had to deal with first degree hemorrhoids.

A lot of medical practitioners use this in combination with other remedies for all types of hemorrhoids.  Never underestimate a method just because it’s natural or because it does not conform to “western” medicine.  Conservative therapy is one of the safest and most effective healing process which focuses primarily on diet and behavior modifications.

When it comes to diet, fiber is your friend.  Dieticians and Nutritional Doctors usually recommend that you includes 20-30 grams of fiber per day.

You can obtain that much fiber by eating foods that are high in fiber, such as fruits, raw vegetables, oat bran etc.  And if you are not inclined to such a diet, or would like to simplify, you can consume supplements to solve this problem.  Some of the more popular ones are…

Psyllium Husk

Vitafusion Fiber Gummies


Just don’t expect the fiber supplements to fix the problem for good.

Avoid foods that cause constipation such as chocolate, caffeine, cheese and dairy products like milk and yogurts.  If you also suffer from diarrhea, treat that first.  You may have to to take both fiber and anti-diarrhea substances.

Now bear with me here because I will get a wee bit techincal here. There are some foods that can increase the alkaline pH of your stool (aka, your bodily waste that is ejected from your behind).  This will cause irritation in the rectal area (hemorrhoidal itching).

The list of those foods are: coffee, tea, cola (or any kind of pop or soda), citrus fruits and juices, beer, tomatoes, onions and nuts.  I realize that it can be overwhelming to try to avoid so many things for a hemorrhoids patient, but it’s necessary to stick with the plan if you want to cure hemorrhoids completely.

Since I have given you a large list of foods that you should not eat, it’s only fair that I give you a checklist of foods that you can – and should – eat.

You are probably already aware that beans contain a lot of fiber and protein.

Pears are extremely fiber-rich. Just make sure to eat them with the skin on. The skin is actually one of the leading sources of fiber in pears.  A medium-size unpeeled pear consists of about 6-7 grams of fiber.

Just one boiled artichoke can contain up to a whopping 14 grams of fiber.

Oats contain beta glucan, a unique form of fiber which has adequate cholesterol-lowering effects and can also boost your immune functions.

A single serving of raspberries can provide you with a 1/3 of your daily fiber requirement, not to mention that these juicy fruits are full of anti-oxidants.

Blech! you say… But hey, this vegetable has about 5 grams of fiber in one cup of boiled (or steamed) broccoli. Pretty good if you ask me!

Brown Rice
The taste of brown rice may take some getting used, specially if you have been strictly a consumer of white rice (like myself) – but trust me, it’s worth the switch. Not only is brown rice rich in fiber, it has twice the iron, 3 times as much Vitamin B3, and 10 times the Vitamin b6 as white rice.

Guacamole anyone??  One avocado is loaded with about about 10 grams of fiber, plus it has “good fat” the kind which can help reduce cholesterol levels and lower heart-disease.

So there you go… hopefully, some of these tips will aid you in relieving the hemorrhoids itching.

For a complete natural home remedy that can completely treat the root cause of your hemorrhoids and will work within a few days, check out the 100% Natural Hemorrhoid Cure system. You can find it at:  http://www.HemorrhoidCure.com


hemroid treatment

Fast and Natural Treatment for Hemorrhoids

You have hemorrhoids (aka piles) and are in a lot of agony. It does not matter whether you have had it for a while or started experiencing it recently, the discomfort is unbearable and you want to get rid of this affliction.

Well, you have come to the right place to find a solution to this serious health problem.

Here is one of the natural remedies on treating hemorrhoids that attack the root problem instead of just giving you temporary relief. Everyone who has used them has gotten some sort of relief.

Fresh sage, yarrow, horse chestnut and melon leaf all alleviate the burning and prickly heat feeling that often comes with hemorrhoids.

hemroid treatment

What Causes Hemorrhoids & How to Cure It

Cure Hemorrhoids & Piles Naturally In 48 Hours Without Side-Effects

It is a condition that affects 40% of the adult population at some point in their lives.  It makes life difficult and uncomfortable.

Blood on your toilet paper?  Severe itching in your anus?  Pain during constipation?

All of these are likely signs that you may have hemorrhoids and it’s no laughing matter.  It is, in essence, inflammation in and around the lower rectal regions.  It’s called hemorrhoids (also known as piles among the general populace).

This website is intended to be a helpful resource for people who may be suffering from this affliction and will provide you with natural remedies to treat and alleviate hemorrhoids.

hemroid treatment